The GAINER Awards recognize fearless government marketers who have excelled in their careers by taking risks, pushing the limits, and achieving stand out successes in government marketing. 

Celebrating the best in government marketing across the U.S. public sector, the GAINER Government Marketing Awards give winning marketers and their companies the recognition and accolades they deserve! Campaigns that have raised the bar with Growth, Acceleration, Innovation and Networking will be recognized on November 1 at the GAIN 2018 Conference.

2018 Finalists

Congratulations to the following 2018 GAINER Government Marketing Awards finalists:

  • Liz Anthony, Vion
  • Karen Borosky, NetApp
  • Shelie Brooks, NetApp
  • Katelyn Campbell, National Contract Management Association
  • Jodi Chapin, AT&T
  • Cathy Cromley, One Identity
  • Erin Grace, Excella
  • Kim Hower, Nutanix
  • Andre Jones, DLT Solutions
  • Erv Koehler, GSA
  • Sherina Man, Iron Mountain
  • Maria Moore, DLT Solutions
  • Lesley Rogers, Nuxeo
  • David Salati, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Robert Shea, Grant Thornton
  • Lisa Sherwin Wulf, Solar Winds
  • Josie Smoot, Iron Bow

The 2018 GAINER Government Marketing Awards includes the following categories:

Agency Based Marketing (ABM) Awards

  • Are you performing at the top of your ABM Marketing game? This award is for government marketers who have demonstrated a keen knowledge of ABM by implementing a strategic approach that combined targeted marketing that increased mindshare, strengthened prospect/customer relationships and drove measurable ROI. We will have an award for each of the following segments:
  • Civilian
  • DoD
  • Intel Community
  • State and Local

Event Award

  • Ready. Set. Go! Are you the master at government marketing events? This award highlights the government marketing superstar who has cracked the code on maximizing event investments while standing out among your competition.

Partner Marketing Award

  • Have you been a collaborative Rockstar? This award showcases government marketers who have maximized budget dollars by partnering with OEM’s, VAR’s or Distributors to amplify your joint marketing efforts.

Protégé Award

  • Are you a up and comer? This award recognizes you and your outstanding government marketing efforts in the 5 or less years you’ve been working in government marketing.

Innovation Award

  • Are you pushing the limits in creativity with innovative government marketing programs? This award recognizes government marketers who have taken a unique approach in capturing your customer’s interest with out-of-the-box thinking.


The Government Marketing Awards Selection Committee is comprised of government experts and scholars. No judge will review submissions for which there is a potential conflict of interest.


Mark Amtower
Managing Partner
Amtower Company


Steve Cooper
Fortium Partners, LP
(former CIO Department of Commerce and Department of Homeland Security)


Martha Dorris
Founder at Dorris Consulting International
(former Director, General Services Administration)



Kimberly Hancher
Principal Consultant at Deep Water Point
(former CIO, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)


Ann-Marie Clark
Vice President Strategy
Government Marketing University


Steven Vito
     Principal Consultant       at Vito and Associates
(former President, GovernmentCIO Media)


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